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Professional Web Development at an Affordable Price


We want to develop a website for your company that reflects your values and ethos and is something that you look at with pride. Our process starts with a conversation where we listen to your needs, your vision and how you fit into your market.


We will build our initial prototype to be a responsive design (i.e. one that changes depending on whether you are using a phone or a computer). We will work with you to incorporate all the components that you want, whether that is a logo, a social media video or elements of ecommerce.


We are in the business of building great websites for local companies. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of what we do and part of this is in our low pricing. We aim to be very price competitive for both our design work and the email and hosting packages we offer. As a company we are not trying to maximise profit but, will give away the bulk of any profits to charity.

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